How to Start

Have you ever thought of the next great idea that is going to change the world, but you don’t know where to start? 

Or you’ve heard of “entrepreneurship” and it sounds interesting, but you’re not even 100% sure what it means and everything it entails. 

Maybe you know that you’re going to be the next Oprah, you’re jut not quite sure how to get there… SWEET is here to help! This page is a gold mine of resources on all things entrepreneurship. Podcasts, books, movies, blogs, and courses on topics ranging from how to start a company as a young teenage girl to how to keep it running and grow your brand. Dive in to become your best entrepreneurial self! 

Start Making Social Simple and Build a Powerful Brand

“How to Write Your Book in 30 Days + BONUS 10 Extra Worksheets”

“Make Money Blogging, Starting a Successful Blog”

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